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All Things In Moderation:
The Serving of Alcohol By Bars In The City Of Boston

The Lawsuit Discovery Conumdrum
What happens when the parties to a lawsuit refuse to follow the rules?

Jurors: What Are They Thinking and What AreThey Doing?
Jurors, and Social Media: When jurors base their verdict on information outside the facts offered as evidence at trial.

Who’s In Charge?
Alcohol Liabilty At Concert and Stadium Events

What’s Going On In A Trial?
How does it begin? What are the steps that lead to the selection of a jury? Who participates? What are the criteria for arriving at a decision?

“Reply To All”: Use At Your Own Risk
Did you ever hit “reply to all” when you meant to hit only “reply.”?

How Do You Define The Word Merge?
When two roadways angle toward each other in the same direction the drivers are urged by traffic signs to “merge”. What is meant by this instruction?

Lawyers Weekly Press

Personal Injury Attorney Arthur F. Licata

The world is his oyster

Step off, Super Lawyers of Massachusetts, and make way for Boston attorney Arthur F. Licata, who was recently listed in the 2006 "Who's Who in the World."

Personal Injury Attorney Arthur F. Licata

Tavern Not Liable For Rape Of Female Patron - Woman Injured After She Left Bar Drunk

A tavern owner could not be held liable for the beating and rape suffered by a female patron after she left the bar visibly drunk, the Appeals Court has ruled.

Personal Injury Attorney Arthur F. Licata

Plaintiffs' Bar Pushes To Abolish Charity Cap - Is Time Ripe For Statute To Fall?

Plaintiffs' lawyers are making a serious push for legislation that would eliminate the state's $20,000 liability cap on charitable organizations a move they say would both help obtain fairer results for plaintiffs and reduce litigation.

Personal Injury Attorney Arthur F. Licata

Trial Report Plus: Injured Pedestrians Settle With Drunk Driver's Parents

Can pedestrians who were struck by a car driven by an intoxicated 20-year-old successfully pursue a negligent-supervision claim against the driver's parents?

Personal Injury Attorney Arthur F. Licata

Painting The Town

It was a grand affair at the Museum of Fine Arts as the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys hosted a cocktail soiree during the Association of Trial Lawyers of America annual meeting in Boston late last month.

Personal Injury Attorney Arthur F. Licata

Trend Seen By Some In Liability For Liquor Service

Establishing liability in cases involving alcohol-related deaths and injuries can be a daunting task for plaintiffs' lawyers.

Personal Injury Attorney Arthur F. Licata

Negligence - Liquor Liability - Country Club - Minor

Where (1) the plaintiffs' minor decedent, while a guest at a private party held at the defendant country club, became intoxicated by consuming drinks purchased by other guests at the defendant's bar and was later killed by a car when she walked onto a highway, (2) a jury returned a verdict in the plaintiffs' favor on a negligence claim against the defendant and (3) the trial judge granted the defendant's motion for judgment notwithstanding the verdict, we conclude that it was error for the trial judge to enter judgment for the defendant notwithstanding the verdict, as the evidence was sufficient to support the jury's determination that the defendant breached its duty to refrain from making alcohol available to the deceased minor.

Personal Injury Attorney Arthur F. Licata

Country Club Liable For Drinking Death - Should Have Known Minors Got Alcohol

Where a country club didn't serve drinks to underage guests but knew or should have known that adult guests were giving drinks to minors, the club was liable for the death of a teenager who became intoxicated at a club function, wandered on to a road and was struck by a passing car, the Supreme Judicial Court has held.

Personal Injury Attorney Arthur F. Licata

Arthur F. Licata

Arthur F. Licata became interested in the "international arena" when he was a college student. He has since been able to achieve what so many people find difficult to do: turn an avocation into a profession. As an international business attorney with ties in Estonia and the Czech Republic, Licata has the unique opportunity to see not only a part of the world going through an historical transition but also how that reflects upon this country. President Clinton invited Licata to the White House Conference on Trade and Investment in Central and Eastern Europe on Jan. 12 and 13. Licata spoke to Lawyers Weekly's Dale Seamans about that conference and the business of doing business in that part of the world.

Personal Injury Attorney Arthur F. Licata

The Boston, Massachusetts Personal Injury Law firm of Arthur F. Licata, P.C. handles Lawyers Weekly Press for clients throughout Massachusetts including Suffolk County, Norfolk County, Plymouth County, Middlesex County, Worcester County, and Essex County, and cities such as Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, Cambridge, Brockton, New Bedford, Fall River, Lynn, and Quincy. Mr. Licata is also admitted to practice in the state of New York. He routinely takes cases by referral from other attorneys located throughout the New England region and the United States.

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